Konstantine is walking down the stairs

Wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clover


November 10th, 2008

Tread Softly. (xxxHOLiC, Clow/Yuuko)

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Title: Tread Softly.
Fandom: xxxHOLiC/Card Captor Sakura
Warnings: Nothing.
Characters/couples: Clow Reed/Yuuko Ichihara.
Summary: It is hard like this, because it makes her feel as if Clow had always been a part of her life and Yuuko isn't sure she enjoys that.
Rating: G.
Notes: Written for [info]kinkfest: Crossover: xxxHOLIC/Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle - Clow Reed/Yuuko - contract - "...You're still a creep."

Tread Softly. )

June 17th, 2008

xxxHOLiC - What Of Your Own Free Will.

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Title: What of Your Own Free Will
Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Warnings: None.
Characters/couples: Clow/Yuuko.
Summary: “I won't dance,” it's the first thing Yuuko says when Clow shows up.
Rating: PG13.
Notes: Written for [info]springkink: xxxHOLiC, Clow/Yuuko: Dancing - “Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.” (George Bernard Shaw)

What of Your Own Free Will )

June 10th, 2008

Xover - But One Of Many. (KKM/Tsubasa)

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Title: But One Of Many.
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Warnings: *Spoilers for Fai's backstory.
Characters/couples: Yuuri, Fai*. Several people from Shin Makoku. Yuuko.
Summary: It´s the twelfth time in less than two weeks that Yuuri wakes up from the same nightmare, half freezing and trembling.
Rating: G.
Notes: Written for [info]springkink: Tsubasa RC/Kyou Kara Maoh crossover; Yuuri/Fai/Yuui-Adoption/Family relationship; tucking in bed; Afraid of the Dark

But One Of Many. )

January 21st, 2008

xxxHOLiC - Rumbles in the Distance.

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Title: Rumbles in the Distance.
Fandom: xxxHOLiC.
Warnings: None.
Characters/couples: Clow, Yuuko.
Summary: “There is no reason for me to like you,” she glares, a little. Clow thinks it's charming and his smile sweetens. “You have wishes but you won't make them. ”
Rating: G.

Rumbles in the Distance. )

August 16th, 2007

Crossover - The Flap of a Butterfly's Wings.

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Title: The Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings.
Fandom: Loveless/xxxHOLiC
Warnings: Vague spoilers for both series.
Characters/couples: Watanuki, Yuuko; Ritsuka.
Summary: Watanuki undusts a painting of a butterfly, and Ritsuka finds a butterfly showing him the way to a strange house he has never seen before.
Rating: PG.

The Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings. )
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