Konstantine is walking down the stairs

Wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clover


November 28th, 2008

Et regarder, mourir les hommes (Xover, DDS/Deat Note)

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Title: Et regarder, mourir les hommes
Fandom: Digital Devil Saga/Death Note.
Warnings: Spoilers for DDS2.
Characters/couples: Angel, Light.
Summary: Angel would laugh – here they are proving that God exists, and yet there are people who don't believe.
Rating: PG for philosophy and religion.
Notes: Written for [info]kinkfest: Crossover: Death Note / Digital Devil Saga 2 - Angel/Light - debate - what sort of god this world of abominations needs

Et regarder, mourir les hommes  )

December 27th, 2007

Loveless/Digital Devil Saga - Exceptions.

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Title: Exceptions.
Fandom: Loveless/Digital Devil Saga.
Warnings: AU for both.
Characters/couples: Ritsuka/Heat, mentions of others.
Summary: In a different time, Ritsuka does get to meet his Fighter.
Rating: PG.
Notes: Happy Holidays, [info]telrunya!

Exceptions. )

August 15th, 2007

The Cyber Shaman Candidates - The First Child.

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Title: The First Child.
Fic Series: The Cyber Shaman Candidates.
Warnings: Ficlet, spoiler for Digital Devil Saga 2.
Characters/couples: Angel, Near.
Summary: Angel has nothing to do with that boy.
Rating: PG.

The First Child. )

Crossover - Hello Time Bomb. (Digital Devil Saga/RG Veda)

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Title: Hello Time Bomb.
Fandom: Digital Devil Saga/RG Veda.
Warnings: Violence, some gore. Um. Spoilery for both series, kinda? Set in the first DDS game.
Characters/couples: The Embryon, Yasha-ou/Ashura.
Summary: When everyone in the Junkyard had been given the Atma, and the Ashura and Yasha clans were wiped out.
Rating: PG13.

Hello Time Bomb. )

Digital Devil Saga - A Million and One Reasons.

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Title: A Million and One Reasons.
Fandom: Digital Devil Saga.
Warnings: Kind of PWP-ish.
Characters/couples: Jinana/Argilla.
Summary: There's a million and one reasons why Argilla shouldn't be this close to Jinana.
Rating: PG13/R.
Notes: For the sake of this, let's pretend they had sort of a day in between fighting, okay? Okay!
Based on [info]daniela_lynx's oh so wonderful fanart.

A Million and One Reasons. )
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