Konstantine is walking down the stairs

Wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clover


November 5th, 2008

D.Gray-man - A Minor Form of Despair.

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Title: A Minor Form of Despair
Fandom: D.Gray-MAN.
Warnings: R/NC17
Characters/couples: Link/Allen, implied several Allen pairings (Allen/Kanda, Allen/Lenalee, Allen/Lavi)
Summary: Link takes a deep breath before he lays down again, deciding to ignore the sounds Walker makes, closing his eyes and turning to the side.
Rating: R/NC17.
Notes: Written for [info]springkink: D.Gray-man, Link/Allen: control - he should've been the one with all the power, but he found himself helplessly drawn

A Minor Form of Despair. )
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